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About Us

I started this blog about five years ago. My wife has had our carpet for about three decades now and loves it, so when she asked me to start a blog I knew right away that I wanted to write something about carpet care. The three things that set this blog apart from others is its focus on carpet restoration, ink stain removal, and carpet cleaning safety. When I first started people thought I was crazy for telling people to do their carpet cleaning or that I had a business in carpet cleaning.

Well over the last few years my wife couldn’t believe that I told her to do all of the carpet cleaning chores herself. Well, I didn’t say to clean the carpet by myself, I said to clean all of the spots that my son and daughter lay on, and I have gotten better at it as they’ve grown older. The reason I didn’t say to clean it yourself is that we live in an area where it gets cold in the winter and rainy season. I still get the same results that I always get with professional carpet cleaning, which are great results from a happy customer. I think the main difference between us and most other carpet cleaning places is that we use natural products rather than harsh chemicals.

The topic is simple and there is no fluff. The reason I decided to write this blog is that I realized how expensive it can be to have a carpet cleaned. We have carpet in every room of our house and carpet cleaning seems to be the biggest job for us. Sometimes my wife asks me if I need to clean the carpet because she keeps seeing our legs and feet slipping all over the place.

So I decided to write this blog about carpet restoration. My mission was to find out what is involved in carpet restoration. I wanted to do my research before I hire anyone to do carpet cleaning. The best way to start is to find a local carpet restoration company. If you do not know anyone in your area then I recommend that you go online and do some searching. Many good websites will help you decide who to hire.

Once you decide to hire someone to restore your carpet, you need to let them know what you want to be done. If you are not too crazy about the carpet then just tell them what type of carpet you like. You can even tell them what kind of stain you want to have removed. I usually tell them what room I am thinking of having the restoration work done. Then they give you some information on what they should use and what kind of material will work best.

If you are going to hire a carpet restoration company to do work on your carpet then you need to make sure that the workers do their job properly. This is a very important thing, because if the carpet cleaning company does not do a good job then your carpet could be ruined. This is especially true if the carpet is made of delicate material. So, if you are going to hire carpet cleaning professionals to do work on your carpet then make sure that you research their reputation first so you know who to hire. If you do your homework you will not have to worry about ruining your carpet.