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Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning requires thorough vacuuming regularly. Therefore, helps reduce the amount of dry soils and debris that is embedded on the upholstery. However most of all, best practise is to professionally steam clean your upholstery on a yearly base to maintain longevity.

Upholstery Protection

At Greg’s carpet clean we also offer upholstery protection, commonly known as scotch guard. When purchasing a new lounge suite, upholstery protection or scotch guard, by the manufacture been applied.

While it generally guarantees protection on your lounge suite or sofa from spillage and most stains, over time the scotch guard wears.
Furthermore, depending on traffic use, in addition, scotch guard deteriorates with time; Scotch guard longevity on upholstery is generally two years.

Cleaning Method

A family of three to four usually reduced to two years. Due to mishaps that can causes regular soiling on the upholstery.
Hot water extraction or also known as steam cleaning, as a result is a great way to flush out debris, also sanitise and clean upholstery. Applying scotch guard to the upholstery is the final process.
Upholstery cleaning requires heat and chemicals, in addition scrubbing to loosen hard soils. A good knowledge and understanding in chemistry and different types of upholstery fibres help release stubborn stains.

Some Advice

Some carpet technicians while charging low prices to clean your valuable assets, lack formal training in basic carpet and fabric care. Consequence can be damage to upholstery. Generally, a trained technician will read the label instruction to avoid using chemicals that may result in damaging or discolouring the upholstery.
Main method of cleaning upholstery is steam cleaning, which gives great results however; drying time can vary between 1 to 3 hours. For customer convince, dry cleaning general drying time is 1 hour, however not as superior.

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